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  OPEN HUB CO.,LTD is an Architecture and Developer firm, birth in 2004 .We have carried out a vst body of design and service in all areas of planning, Architecture, Interior design, Landscape and engineering. We can thus resolve even the most complex pf building ploblem swiftly and efficiently, yet give our detailed attention to smaller projects as well. We invite you now to study this brochure, which describes our firm and illustrates just a few of the project we have carried out in recent years. We trust.

Mr.Bannapob Sriwanut
Managing Director


  OPEN HUB CO.,LTD is operating under the concept as a fully integraded, interactive organization. Our method is to blend to most advanced scientific knowledge and technology with equal degree of concern for elegance, economic, function and durability, to achieve for very commission we accept the most effective design solution.
Our work is essentially free of the limiting bonds of style or fashion, and hence, we feed. Most likely to remain valid throughout the decades to come the continuing stedy growth of the firm,despiteall 


  OPEN HUB CO.,LTD is an Architecture firm, working in planning, architecture and consultant in all the fields of construction. Activities of the company range from straight forward architectural design of small commercial and public building to the integrated analysis, master-planning, design and construction supervision of major urban and industrial complex.

  The major kinds of services that the company is capable of undertaking are indicated below, ordered as they occurred on a typical building project. In economic climate, seem to us to reflect the soundness of our approach.

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